Texas Ten Horns

"The Closest You'll Get to the Old West"


Welcome to the Texas Ten Horns! We're a north Texas Cowboy Action Shooting Club associated with the Single Action Shooting Society.

Whether you're a seasoned shooter or a greenhorn, you're bound for a good time at the Texas Ten Horns.  We have fast fun stages that are designed for all, no matter your level of experience.

No membership required to shoot. The Texas Ten Horns shoot the first Saturday and Sunday of each month at 9:30. It is $15 per match to shoot if you are a member and $20 for non members.

Come for the shooting, stay for the friends!



March Monthly Match

We are shooting this weekend!!! On Saturday March 2nd & 3rd. We will shoot Out West on Saturday and Sunday we'll be shooting Out East for a great match. The Buckle Series is under way and attendance is the key.

The Great Spaghetti Western, May 31, 2024 - June 2, 2024

Plan now to shoot the Texas Ten Horn's Annual Match, The Great Spaghetti Western will be held the first weekend in June 2024. You won't want to miss out on a great match, prizes, and just all around fun! Get your entry in before 3/15/2024, for an early entry drawing to win matching Colt BB guns!
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Our Range

Check out our range!



Hairtrigger Hayes

Hairtrigger Hayes

President and Treasurer


Panhandle Slim

Panhandle Slim

Vice President


One Chance Fancy

One Chance Fancy





SASS Territorial Governor


No Show Joe

No Show Joe

Range Officer


Pepi LePew

Pepi LePew

Great Spaghetti Western Match Director



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