Texas Ten Horns

"The Closest You'll Get to the Old West"


Welcome to the Texas Ten Horns! We're a north Texas Cowboy Action Shooting Club associated with the Single Action Shooting Society.

Whether you're a seasoned shooter or a greenhorn, you're bound for a good time at the Texas Ten Horns.  We have fast fun stages that are designed for all, no matter your level of experience.

No membership required to shoot. The Texas Ten Horns shoot the first Saturday and Sunday of each month at 9:30. It is $15 per match to shoot if you are a member and $20 for non members.

Come for the shooting, stay for the friends!



Monthly Match September 5 - 6

Come out to the range in Leonard and have a great time shooting

5th Saturday match 8-29-2020

Who is up for a 5th Saturday match? How about a State Warmup 5th Saturday match? Well, you’re in luck! Stages are written and targets are set (thank you Mr. Finger) so all you have to do is show up and shoot!

Work Days in October - November - December

we will be having workdays starting in October – November – December to get ready for the next GSW. We’ll be building another stage on the West end, likely a gallows. We’ll also be covering the last two stages on the East end. Possibly upgrading the roof on the East end.

Our Range

Check out our range!



Hairtrigger Hayes

Hairtrigger Hayes

President and Treasurer




SASS Territorial Governor


Kid Ricky Bobby

Kid Ricky Bobby

Great Spaghetti Western Director



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