Texas Ten Horns Buckle Series

Texas Ten Horns Buckle Series

January 3, 2021
January 3, 2021

The Texas Ten Horns Buckle Series has started for 2021.

There are 4 categories where amazing buckles will be awarded Senior Lady, Lady, Senior Man, and Men's. The runner up in each category will receive an awesome concho.

How it works. Each shooter earns points for each match they shoot. The men start at 20 points for the top eligible shooter and the ladies start at 10 for the top eligible shooter. The highest eligible shooter will earn the highest point value each day and will awarded the highest number of points of either day.  Each day of the match earns the shooter one match point and match points will serve as the tie breaker.

Buckle winners from the previous year are not eligible; the concho winners are in the running for the buckle.

Attendance is the key to winning.

Senior Lady: Calamity DiBar in place 1 and Silver Locks in Second.

Lady: top the ladies' is our first time shooter Lost Texan.

Senior Man: Anvil Al and Texas Mean Gene coming in with 20 points each with Anvil Al with 2 match points to Texas Mean Gene's one match point. Coming in close with 19 points and 2 match points, Ruidoso.

Men's: Panhandle Slim and Rusty Remington both have 20 points with Panhandle Slim with 2 match points to Rusty Remington's one match point. Number 3 with 19 points is Jangles!

Keep checking the News section of the website to see how the series progresses!

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