The February-March Newsletter is Here!

The February-March Newsletter is Here!

April 24, 2020
April 24, 2020

The Ten Horn Gazette

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Hairtrigger Hayes, President

    I can’t believe it’s been so long since I’ve sat down at the computer to boastabout our wonderful club. As a matter offact, I’m not even going to fathom how longit’s been because I would simply be tooashamed of myself. But here we are andlet me tell you, the Ten Horns are no less awesome than ever!

    2019 was a very impressive year forthe Texas Ten Horns. We grew the GreatSpaghetti Western to a new level withKeith Pace aka Huckleberry Pace aka KidRicky Bobby as match director. We woundup with 167 entries and 152 who actuallyshot and completed the match. We madea whopping $18 on the event making usrethink both our entry fee and our prizelist. Going forward we decided to increasethe entry fee but leave the prize list prettymuch the same.

    We also proved to be a club where thechampions hang out. Now, I don’t know ifwe’re building champions or if all thechampions just like shooting with us, butwe’ve got more than a few in regularattendance. I mention this because wehad so many champions named at theTexas State match down in Comfort, TXlast year that someone at the table next tous was actually heard – after about the20th Ten Horn had been named – saying,“I want to be a Texas Ten Horn!” Whatgreater testament to our club than that.

    Just a short two weeks later we wentto the Regional where we cleaned upagain. And a couple months later hadanother good showing at the show of allshows, End of Trail, the WorldChampionship of Cowboy Action Shooting.

    The old adage about ‘coming for theshooting, staying for the people’ is not loston the Ten Horns. Our club is made up ofthe finest people I’ve ever had the pleasureof knowing. Couple that with the fun wehave and the camaraderie we share on therange and it’s quite literally – as describedto me at the first match I ever attended –the most fun you can have with your pantson!!!

    And things aren’t changing. Wewrapped up the year with our greatestChristmas match ever which waspromptly followed with the greatestChristmas party ever. Too much fun tolist, but let me just say, if you missed it youmissed a dandy!

    It looks like 2020 will not disappoint either. We are already well into the planning and preparation stages for the GSW 2020 where we will be honoring theWomen of the Wild West. In doing so, wewill have all female Posse Marshals. Soladies, if you haven’t gotten your RO1 training yet, please do. We’re going to becounting on you!

    In addition, we just wrapped up aFebruary…yes February…match withtotal of over 90 people attending the twoday match. Unbelievable! But we did have excellent weather and even more excellentstages thanks to Mr. Finger and the lovelyMiss One Chance Fancy. I was afraid thatleaving them to the task might prove to bedisastrous, but in actuality, the came upwith some GREAT stages. Crowdfavorites seemed to have been the splitpistol stage on Saturday and the new‘twist’ on the knock down stage on Sunday.

    In wrapping up, I’d just like to sayone more time, I’m so honored and humbledto be the president of such an awesomeclub. Doing my part in making the TexasTen Horns the Premier CAS club in N.Texas has been a thrilling ride and a laborof love. Each of you have become closerthan friends. I consider you all myextended family.

    So stay tuned. We’ve got a brandspanking new website that should behitting the World Wide Web in just a fewweeks. And Sopapilla Su continues to do agreat job getting information out via theMailchimp email server. And Kid RickyBobby keeps all the current events postedon our FB page. We got some great stuffcoming up this year and you won’t want tomiss a minute of it!


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