Work Day at the Range Jan 16, 2021

Work Day at the Range Jan 16, 2021

We are hoping to host one heck of a GSW 2021 and are super excited about it. The range is in need of some TLC and we are starting out with coverings on both sides of the range. Back East will be getting covers over the Corral and Boot Hill. Way out West we will cover Mr. Finger's Well of Dirty Wishes.

The project has been thought through by our construction committee (thank you Marshal Jack Bridges, Mississippi Slim (he lives!), Panhandle Slim and Double C). A supply list was made and the materials will be there.

Emails will be sent closer to the date with items we may be in need of. Things like ladders, nail guns, diggers, cement stirrers and the like will all be helpful. Contact Kid Ricky Bobby if you have questions, suggestions or ideas.

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