The Great Spaghetti Western 2022

The Great Spaghetti Western 2022

Schedule of Events / Match Details

All non shooting activities will generally be held in the big tent.  The west end are stages 1-5 (bays 1-6) and the east end stages 6-10 (bays 7-12).

Thursday June 2

·      RO II Class 9am-3pm

Friday June 3

·      Noon to 5pm Registration / shooter package pickup

·      Informal warmup shooting (if you have primers for that) – no shooting match stages – use fumble stages (wagon stage on west side and swinger on east side)

·      Posse marshal walkthrough 4:30pm

·      Hotdogs at 5pm

Saturday June 4

·      7:30am Registration and packet pickup begins

·      8am posse marshal make up walk through

·      8am posse marshal walkthrough if necessary for those that missed it Friday

·      9am mandatory shooter safety meeting

·      9:15am shoot first five stages

·      Lunch provided on the range

·      Side matches after lunch 12pm-4pm

·      The Doily Gang 1:30pm-3:30pm

Sunday June 5

·      8am cowboy church

·      9am shoot 5 stages – go straight to your first stage

·      Lunch provided after match

·      Awards to immediately follow lunch

Round Count for main match:

·      Pistol 100 rounds

·      Rifle 100 rounds

·      Shotgun approximately 50

On Saturday, posse 1 will start on stage 1, posse 2 on stage 2 and so forth.  On Sunday, we will switch sides.  Posse 1 will start on stage 6, posse 2 on stage 7.  Posse 6 will start on stage 1, posse 7 on stage 2 and so forth.

Side Matches:

·      Fastest 22 pistol

·      Fastest 22 rifle

·      Fastest derringer

·      Fastest pocket pistol

·      Fastest pistol

·      Fastest duelist

·      Fastest gunfighter

·      Fastest rifle

·      Fastest double

·      Fastest ‘97

·      Fastest hammered shotgun

·      Fastest ‘87

Costume Contest

·      Best dressed cowgirl

·      Best dressed cowboy

·      Best dressed couple

·      Best dressed buckaroo

·      Best dressed buckarette

We will also present an award for the spirit of the game.


1.    Pair of Colt BB pistols for early entrants.  Separate drawing.

2.    Tuned ’73 in .357.  Raffle.

3.    3 Bond derringers.  Raffle one.  Shooter drawing remaining two.

4.    $750 towards a Tactical Range Gear metal cart.  Raffle.

5.    $750 towards a Mernickle holster.  Shooter drawing.

6.    Three long gun cases.  Raffle one.  Shooter drawing remaining two.

7.    Three hard side rolling pistol cases.  Raffle one.  Shooter drawing remaining two.

8.    $500 gift certificate to Enzo Alliance.  Shooter drawing.

9.    Two tuned Ruger Wranglers, from Ezno Alliance.

10.  Three pairs of Rugged Gear shooting glasses with various lenses.  Raffle one.  Shooter drawing remaining two.

11.  Aspen Filly engraving gift certificates.  Shooter drawing.

12.  Four 3 legged shooter chairs.

13.  Will attempt to get free entries to matches from other match directors attending GSW.

All shooters will be given 3 raffle tickets and the opportunity to buy more.  There will be separate ticket bins raffle prizes.

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