Practice Match Saturday May 30, 2020

Practice Match Saturday May 30, 2020

Saturday May 30, 2020

The Ten Horns are ready to SHOOT!!!! We will be having a “practice” match in lieu of our regular “classic SASS” match this coming Saturday.  (That just means a few less shenanigans during the stages) The current situation calls for a bit more awareness than our usual.  We need to apply our stellar gun safety awareness and respect to ourselves and fellow shooters in many more ways


  • The match this weekend is only $10 for the land owner.
  • Please bring exact change
  • No Posse Signup Sheet


  • Try to keep a good social distance barrier between yourselves and others
  • When gathered to converse, please try to keep groups to ten or less people, We WILL NOT be providing water, food or snacks. It will likely be hot so please remember to bring some water with you.
  • Please be cognizant and respectful of each individual’s personal space. In other words, don’t handshake or hug until you have cleared it with that person. If they are not comfortable with either, a simple knuckle bump, elbow bump or a mere tip o’ the hat will need to suffice.
  • Please feel free to wear masks and or gloves if you so choose
  • Whilst awaiting scores, please do not gather up close

At the Stage:

  • If you are a TO please a) bring your own timer or b)bring gloves to wear when handing timer off
  • Only 2 shooters at the loading table
  • Only 5 persons on the stage: 1. Shooter 2. TO 3-5. Spotters.
  • NO counting sticks
  • Scoring should be done by gloved persons (using a stylus preferably)
  • NO expediting or carrying shooter’s guns to the table for them unless at shooter’s request.
  • Only 1 unloading table officer and one unloader

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