Great Spaghetti Western June 5 - 6 2020 (CANCELED)

Great Spaghetti Western June 5 - 6 2020 (CANCELED)

Folks, it pains me deeply to inform you that the Great Spaghetti Western 2020 has been cancelled.

This is a decision that came after much heartache and strife.  Initially we wanted to postpone the match until the fall, but amongst the matches already scheduled for the fall, and the addition of all the postponed matches, we simply could not find a reasonable alternative.

Rather than take a chance on providing y’all with a match that is sub-par, we decided it best to cancel this year and have a real Blow Out in 2021!

Since many of you have already paid your fee, here is a list of options:

  1. Full refund
  2. Process your payment forward for entry into the Great Spaghetti Western 2021
  3. A donation of your funds to the club.  Donations will be used to further improve the west end of the range.  As we add these facades, all donated funds will be used first and we will then commemorate the donors on the stages with a plaque.

I have come to hate the circumstances that have lead to this decision.  But I hate even worse that I won’t be able to shoot with all my friends at what has come to be known as the best annual CAS match in Fannin County.

As always we appreciate your continued patronage to the Texas Ten Horns and look forward to when we can all be together again.


Hairtrigger Hayes

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